This is dedicated to my bestie….

Well for me beauty isn’t actually referring to your outside appearance it depends on a lot of other factors…….. When I choose my friends , I follow what my heart says , and not what my brain thinks… It depends on how beautiful your heart is…. It could be generally any one of the following…: If u could genuinely be happy for your friends achievement , when you choose your friends above yourself.. When you forget your problems and listen to my pointless blabber.. And put up with my endless melodrama…. For me beauty means these small things you do for us, when you yourself don’t know that you are doing us a favor…

And finally for me you are the most beautiful girl ever… The beautiful friend I’ve ever got. A pillow for me to lie .. a shoulder to weep.. a helping hand… a companion in all walks of my life.. An angel in disguise..

Love you most….

Kitty Purry

PS : d is any one seeing this..?? anyone..??


The necessity of change in life is undeniable… Changing for good is preferred.. Changes occur mainly due to the following reasons :

When we are asked to come out of our comfort zone. It is a much better change.. You’ve got to come out of your comfort zone someday..

When you desire to bring out a change in you… to become a better person.. Its a good change.. As the saying goes “Be the change you want to see….”

   But some of the disadvantages of changing is that it brings out the worst in you.. Not in a bad way, but it makes you intolerant.. I’ll give you an example, let me tell you about my new Windows 8. Its is a more sophisticated software.. In the beginning it makes you hate Microsoft for out this change in the Windows.. But as you get used to it, it will turn out to a better change.. A change worth having..

So as I was saying, a change is necessary.. Now or at some point of life.. even if we are changing for the better or worse, it is required..

I was a personal hater of changing.. I hate it when someone asks me to change.. Mainly because of my childishness.. I still do.. But then I decided to bring some change in me.. I changed my way of viewing things.. And now I am liking this change.. A better change.. A change for good..

Change is bad.. But when it triggers some good, its for the good..

And do remember this.. “If you want to make enemies, Bring some change in you.” That doesn’t mean that you must change to make enemies..

Much love and affection

Kitty Purry..

PS : is anyone seeing this.. Anyone..

Alone…. its not much of an interesting word…. nor an interesting feeling…. Suffocation primarily accompanies Loneliness… But if we look carefully we will come to know that in our tight and busy schedules of life we require some time alone to get grip of ourselves and savor peace… But now-a-days people are too busy networking that they rarely find time for these.. I remember the words of Vivekananda… Spend some time daily with yourselves because if you don’t then you lost the opportunity to meet a remarkable person…. Its true.. Out of my personal experience we require some time with ourselves.. To shut ourselves from the world and enjoy that little “Me” time.. It is more like a yoga.. I, myself , am a peoples person, and anyone who know me would agree with it.. I am always seen with people… talking , chatting , etc , etc,… Then suddenly under certain circumstances I was made to live alone… I know its complicated to explain.. And a very long story.. But in those 2years I came to know about the feeling of being alone.. I loathed it in the beginning , detested it to the core… But then I started getting used to it.. The calmness of it was serene… Bliss.. Eternal bliss.. I started liking the quietness… Then i came to know that in the hustle and bustle of life… in the various hullabaloos we need this time to get a little of us.. I enjoyed it.. I am sure you will too…

Hoping to write soon… And to hear from you too..

PS : Do comment guys, love to hear from you guys

Much love and affection

– Kitty Purry ❤ ❤ ❤

Beyond Thoughts

Iam a shitty writer that is only just a truth. and im proud of that maybe… I don’t think that is a bad thing .. because like every talent it can also be improved with time …… And Im on my way correcting tat defect…….. So accompany me on my journey.

Much love n affection

-Kitty Purry…. ❤ ❤ ❤


Views of mine

Its my first trial in blogging !! I don kno how far im successfull in this !!! It was nvr my intention to blog !!! Dare writing evn !! In my deepst solitude i found solace in writing ! So here iam in my very own blog writing out my thoughts !!! I don kno if anyone will evr come across this ! But ur response will mean a lot to me !!
ps: i rlly don kno anythin abt blogging can anyone plzz help me 🙂